“Having two older children who previously received piano lessons from another teacher, we are amazed by Sara, who is clearly passionate, accomplished and most importantly, patient and fun!  Our youngest started lessons with her a year ago and I can't even begin to describe the positive benefits he has received.  He loves going, loves playing (and will play for friends and family), and it has even reached into his music class at school.  Piano has helped him to develop a foundation of confidence (which reaches into other aspects of his life) and an appreciation for the cultural arts.  She has the pure heart of a teacher!  Thank you Sara!!!”

—Jackie Busch

After Jade's very first lesson, she was raving about her time with Sara, so much so that she wanted to have piano lessons all day, everyday. Jade's enthusiasm has yet to wane and her Poppa and I are very thankful for Sara's teaching of our outgoing and energetic daughter! We look forward to Jade's sisters joining her in the piano lesson journey in the future."

—Kristen Lents

“I took piano lessons with Sara for one semester. During that time, I went from only knowing music theory and the notes on a keyboard, to being able to sight read melodies and rhythms. I also gained the ability to memorize and play moderately difficult beginner pieces for a contest as well as a recital. Sara is incredibly gifted at teaching piano, and goes out of her way to make each student a priority.”

—Emily Hazelton

“Sara has always been encouraging, positive, and genuinely kind to my daughter. Even when correcting, she begins on a positive 'note'. She has always been prepared and has been focused on my daughter's progression each visit. She is very professional with her business and truly cares for each of her student's success.”

—Shanna Pogue

“My name is Keely Smith, and I began playing around on the piano when I was 5 years old. I had a desire to really learn piano for several years, I knew a little but was mostly self-taught before I found a wonderful teacher. I was one of Sara’s first students at about 11 years old, while Sara was a high school student I knew from church. Sara made an exciting, passionate learning experience for me. Sara taught me how to properly play piano, while taking me back to the basics and correctly forming me into the musician I am today. She always created a fun filled atmosphere, giving me stickers in my books for mastered pieces and filling the room with her positive energy and passion for music. I still play piano, 12 years after Sara’s lessons and enjoy teaching others how to play piano as well. I can’t say enough for how extraordinarily talented Sara is, not only in her own musical skills but in her teaching abilities as well. I highly recommend Sara’s Piano Studio to anyone looking to begin or expand their piano skills.”

—Keely Smith

My son, E, started taking piano lessons with Ms. Sara at the age of 5-1/2. We met with Ms. Sara to do an assessment and she decided that E was ready to take lessons. Not only does Ms. Sara use the piano books that are fun and appropriate for young children, but also she is very good with working with young children. E looks forward to his weekly piano lesson with Ms. Sara. At home, most of the time, it is easy to get him to practice his pieces. Ms. Sara has made it fun and interesting for a little boy like E to learn and enjoy playing piano. The little brother P who is 4 years old is already looking forward to taking lessons with Ms. Sara when he is ready!"


My daughter is 19 years old and had piano lessons from Sara Pepper (Kreilein) when she was in elementary school. She learned so much and had a lot of fun during her lessons. She went on to perform in her high school talent show and did very well. I would recommend Sara to anyone that would like to learn to play the piano."

—Tara Smith

My daughter and son have been taking piano from Sara for just over a year. When my kids wanted to take lessons I was a little wary of it quickly losing it's excitement and me having to force them to keep going. However, this has never been the case with Sara as their instructor. They consistently look forward to going to lessons and even practice when Sara gives them new, fun pieces to try out. When the kids started, she got to know them and let them choose music that inspired them. They set goals together that are personal, so they continue to be motivated. We took a break this summer and I can't count the times the kids said, "When do we get to do piano again?" Sara is a consistent and encouraging teacher, and I have been impressed with the piano skills the kids have picked up in a fairly short time!"

—LeeAnn Reymann

Sara fully understands that each child is unique, and uses their interests to keep them engaged in piano. She enjoys teaching, and makes it fun for the kids."

—Robbi Hudson

My daughter loves taking lessons from Miss Sara. Sara makes the lesson fun and does a fantastic job at giving age and ability level instruction. My 10-year-old daughter is very proficient at reading, playing, and composing music. She has also developed a love for performing after her first recital with Miss Sara’s studio."

—Lesa Nelson

Miss Sara is great with my daughter! She is very patient and encouraging. My daughter loves going to lessons and practicing at home. Sara's communication skills are top notch as I feel well informed about upcoming events and my daughter's progression of skills. I would definitely recommend her!"

—Rachel Pierce

I appreciate Sara's approach to teaching my daughter.  She uses games to teach music theory, makes learning fun, and rewards good behaviors like practicing at home."

—Sarah Johnson

“My 8 year old studied with Sara for two years and we will always treasure the time that he was able to have under Sara’s tutelage. We found Sara to be a kind and dedicated teacher. She made learning fun and I’m grateful for the foundation in piano she was able to give Wesley. It was with regret that we moved on, but we wish Sara and her future students the very best! 🎶”

—Kim Brown

Sara is an excellent teacher. She is great with kids. Keeps the student engaged and wanting to play the piano."


Miss Sara is a kind teacher! I love the fun games she plays with me on her iPad. I like to find the notes on the piano with the stones too!" 

Chloe, Age 6

"Miss Sara is a great teacher! I have learned so much! She has a load of patience. Thank you Miss Sara!"

—Landon, Age 10

"Miss Sara is very nice and friendly.  She plays songs and games with me.”

—Stella, Age 7

"Playing piano is fun and Miss Sara is a really nice teacher."

—Alaina, Age 6

"Sara is a great teacher. She has a good sense of humor too. Whenever I am stuck on a piece, I know at my next lesson she can help me."

—Student, Age 9